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Training Available

Need your puppy trained?



One of the most important things you can do to for your

new puppy is train them.

Why is training so important?

There are several different reasons.  Here are a few.  Training helps build your puppy's confidence, trust, gives boundaries, builds a bound between you and your puppy and helps to raise a sociable puppy.  

We all only want the best for our new family member and training is the beginning to being the best.

We offer a 4 week training training program where your puppy will learning the basics using positive reinforcement.

What your puppy learn?

Week 1- Crate training, name recognition, potty training.                        

Week 2- Reinforcing week 1, Sit, Down, leave it, take it, and leash training.

Week 3- Reinforcing weeks 1& 2, look, go lay down 1 trick.                               

Week 4- Reinforcing weeks 1,2,& 3, touch, stay, off, recall outside.                      

ABC Certified Dog Trainer 

The cost of our training is $400.00 weekly with recommendation of a minimum of 2 weeks.

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